To Mexico

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In 1984 Rosi and I headed to Mexico to continue our missionary work.

We had three children by then: David, Peter, and Esther. David and Peter were born in London, ON and Esther was born in Point Claire, QC.

We had clearance to go and be part of the missionary effort in Mexico provided we could manage to get there, and provided that we had a certain level of self-support. We were self-supporting non-denominational Christian missionaries.

So we had to decide between Brazil and Mexico. It seemed easier to get to Mexico, we knew the language (Spanish) and we didn’t need as much home support.

We decided to drive down there in our ’72 Pontiac Parisienne that we bought the year before:

’72 Pontiac Parisienne

We bought a roof rack and drove down from Canada. Our immediate destination was Guadalajara, Mexico. In another post I will talk about our trip down there.

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