Multi Careers

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They say that the average person has multi careers in their lifetime. It is rare to meet someone who has only had one career.

People that have worked their whole life for one company in one career is a ‘dying breed.’

In some ways I am jealous of people that have retired with a full pension because they worked somewhere for 30 or 40 years. On the other hand, even though I am not one of those people, I am grateful for all the adventures and experiences I have had during my working years. I would not have had those adventures and life changing events if I was stuck at a 9-5 job in the same company, in the same place for all those years.

I always had a hard time making up a resume when I was looking for a new job. The main difficulty was explaining gaps in my career path or luls in my employment. I had so many different careers and/or odd jobs and it was difficult to have my resume focus on a certain career so my prospective employer could see the value in hiring me.

My main career was as a non-denominational self-supporting Christian missionary. In another post I start to elaborate on my adventures as a missionary.

Apart from missionary work I have had varied jobs and careers, from Chauffeur to delivery driver, to electronics technician to teacher of music and later of English.

Read more about all my ‘illustrious‘ careers in other posts…

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