My Hobbies

I have several hobbies.

One of the most recent hobbies is guitar building. See my post(s) on that topic for more details.

Another even newer one is investing in cryptocurrency. Again, please see my posts on that subject if you are interested. I haven’t explored this topic on here yet but plan to in the near future.

Music listening and playing guitar, drums, and bass are my longest standing hobbies and I intend to explore those as I expand my posts, so stay tuned…

I was involved in Recovery International, a mental health organization for nine years and still try to practice the principles learned to better my cognitive behavior. ‘Not sure you can call that a hobby but it was a daily practice and involved a number of other hobbies such as web design and public speaking that I also want to explore.

As mentioned web design is a large ongoing hobby of mine. I have designed and curated a number of websites with emphasis on non-profit organizations such as labour unions, a mental health organization, a charity fundraiser organization, and a church. I will elaborate on web design in other posts.

With time I may be able to come up with other hobbies I have had it continue to be involved in. Stay tuned…

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