My Childhood Jobs

One of my first jobs was working for the corner fabric store, ‘Passmores.’ My job was to go each morning before school and lower the awnings so the sun would not shine in on the fabrics displayed in the store front windows. The sunlight would cause the colours to fade. I would also go in on Saturday mornings and clean the storeroom and restock the paper bags and supplies needed at the checkout counter.

Another job I had was helping my father by sanding cars. We had to sand the paint on the cars before being able to repaint them. My father paid me well for doing this. Over time my enthusiasm waned and I was not doing a very thorough job so my father had to chide me and sometimes I had to redo parts of the car that I passed over too quickly.

Once I took guitar lessons I started teaching guitar to new students and worked myself up to teaching 12 hours per week. I would teach Wednesday nights after school and all day Saturday. I made $1.00 per half hour lesson I taught which at the time was reasonable…

Before all this I did chores around the house and would get 25 cents a week allowance. With my 25 cents I would usually get a Crispy Crunch chocolate bar and a 16 ox. Pepsi from the local variety store.

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