Muscle Memory

Something I learned from being involved in Recovery International and practicing cognitive behavioral training (CBT) is the concept of ‘muscle memory.’

Muscle memory is the idea that ‘Your muscles teach your brain a higher set of values’, something taught by Dr. Low who founded Recovery International and who pioneered CBT.

As a segway, most people probably associate the term ‘recovery’ as referring to recovery from alcoholism. I will elaborate on that concept in other posts as I am also involved in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Back to muscle memory: I am convinced that it is true and have noticed a number of things I have learned through my muscles. Hands on training is what most call it but it definitely applies to playing a musical instrument. That is why music learning in elementary school and high school is so crucial to a child’s learning and caries throughout their life.

In other posts I get into home schooling. I homeschooled my seven children while posted abroad on the mission field, some through to grade 12.

P.S. Dr. Low did not refer to CBT as therapy but rather as training since with training you can learn to help yourself. With therapy you always depend on a therapist to relieve your problem.

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