I’m a Dreamer

I woke up this morning with this thought in mind. ‘Seems like I have big dreams and I am an idealist.

I also tend to be an extremist.

If I believe in something I throw everything into it and am willing to go ‘all in’.

Being an extremist is a bit of a gamble since I may not have anything to come back to if my venture doesn’t work out…

Some talk about having an addictive personality. This is something I believed about myself. Researching this further it would seem that that is a false concept. According to the experts there is no such thing as an addictive personality.

Some examples of my extremism:

When I was a teen and teaching guitar and drums at the music studio I sold my really nice Hagstrom guitar and bought a cheap imitation Telecaster guitar and a 12 string acoustic guitar instead. It turned out to be a mistake because I hardly ever used the 12 string and the cheap electric was really crappy…

In another post I will get into the biggest example of my extremism called ‘Forsaking All.’

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