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There is a slogan from Dr. Low of Recovery International that we learn as part of out cognitive behavior training (CBT) that states, “Lower you expectations and your performance will rise.” The basic idea behind this slogan is that if you set lower goals for yourself or lower what you expect to receive or achieve …

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Muscle Memory

Something I learned from being involved in Recovery International and practicing cognitive behavioral training (CBT) is the concept of ‘muscle memory.’ Muscle memory is the idea that ‘Your muscles teach your brain a higher set of values’, something taught by Dr. Low who founded Recovery International and who pioneered CBT. As a segway, most people …

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My Hobbies

I have several hobbies. One of the most recent hobbies is guitar building. See my post(s) on that topic for more details. Another even newer one is investing in cryptocurrency. Again, please see my posts on that subject if you are interested. I haven’t explored this topic on here yet but plan to in the …

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To Mexico

In 1984 Rosi and I headed to Mexico to continue our missionary work. We had three children by then: David, Peter, and Esther. David and Peter were born in London, ON and Esther was born in Point Claire, QC. We had clearance to go and be part of the missionary effort in Mexico provided we …

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Forsaking All

Let’s start by telling you that on January 7, 1976 I was born again and joined a non-denominational Christian organization in Canada. Part of joining the organization was to forsake all. This was a source of income for the group as it would give them items they otherwise couldn’t afford to buy. If they didn’t …

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Multi Careers

They say that the average person has multi careers in their lifetime. It is rare to meet someone who has only had one career. People that have worked their whole life for one company in one career is a ‘dying breed.’ In some ways I am jealous of people that have retired with a full …

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